Design for Parents

Design for Parents

Parents in Singapore have been “shopping” for schools. A well-designed web site can create a good first impression and be used to introduce your school's unique features and strengths to prospective as well as existing parents.

If the school web site is kept current, more parents will learn to check the site before calling the school to ask for information. The school and students can also refer parents to the site to obtain more information.

Presently, information for parents (in the form of letters) is sent via their children. The same information can be made available for download from the school web site. This is helpful when students misplace or lose the original letters. There is no need to convert or redesign the contents into a web page (HTML), simply upload the original Word documents to your host server and hyperlink to these documents.

It is of little use to send a letter to parents on “Total Defence Day” requesting them to tell their children about life under the Japanese Occupation. Few parents of your students would have any recollection or first-hand experience of the Occupation which happened some 60 years ago. How many of the parents of your existing students are 70 years old or more? My point is we can help parents to help their children. Provide links to sites on the Japanese Occupation so that parents and students can surf the sites and learn together. Also provide links on your web site to parenting resources to help parents in their challenge of bringing up and educating their children.

Parents also need to know the dates for CAs and SAs so that they can help their children schedule their time to prepare well for the assessments. Parents need to know the dates of the school holidays so that they can better plan for their own family vacations.

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