Design for Students & Teachers

Design for Students & Teachers

Teachers and students wander from site to site, wondering if they will ever find information relevant to their research.

A well-designed school web site helps teachers and students to locate educationally worthwhile information with ease. Annotated links (organised and categorised) will help teachers and students save time. Point to excellent information available on the World Wide Web. Identify resources that support the curriculum and research likely to be undertaken by teachers and students.

Class photos (of students and their teachers) provide opportunity for parents to know their children's friends and teachers. Include hyperlinks to teachers' email addresses so as to facilitate communication between parents and teachers.

teacher One valuable resource that makes your school different from other schools is your teachers. Have a short blurb to promote each teacher. By the way, do not have teachers write their own blurb. I suggest that Head of Department, Vice-Principal or Principal make a special effort to write the blurbs. This is motivational for the teachers!

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