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Population: 234.7 million (July 2007 est.)
0-14 years: 28.7% (male 34.3 million; female 33.1 million)
Population distribution is uneven, with 60% living in just 7% of the land. The island of Java has about 140 million inhabitants (60% of the total population) while the larger Sumatra island has only about a third of its people. The government implemented a voluntary "transmigration" program to relocate poor landless people from Java, Bali and other densely populated islands to less densely populated ones providing them with land, houses, seed money and new opportunities to generate income. However, this program has met with criticisms. In 2001, ethnic violence broke out in Kalimantan as indigenous Dayaks forced out transmigrants from the island of Madura.
Ethnic groups:
Javanese 40.6%,
Sundanese 15% - They live in the western part of Java.
Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Betawi 2.4%, Bugis 2.4%, Banten 2%, Banjar 1.7%,
other or unspecified 29.9% (2000 census)

Muslim 86.1% - Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world.
Protestant 5.7%,
Roman Catholic 3%,
Hindu 1.8% - Most of the Hindus live on Bali, a popular tourist destination.
other or unspecified 3.4% (2000 census)

Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay),
local dialects (the most widely spoken of which is Javanese)

Literacy rate: 90.4% (of those age 15 and above) can read and write (2004 census)