National Day Parade and Songs, Singapore
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National Day Parade (NDP) was first conducted in 1966. Over the years, it has become the biggest national event in Singapore. In the past, people would arrive as early as 36 hours before the ticket booths open for the actual release of tickets. In 2003, e-balloting ticketing system was implemented to prevent problems that might arise as a result of this rush for tickets. The celebration is usually held in the Singapore National Stadium, Padang and for the first time, on a floating platform in Marina Bay in 2007.

Every year, the National Day Parade full dress rehearsal is attended by all Primary 5 students. This provides an opportunity for the country to instil a sense of patriotism in the students.

Originally introduced as an informal filler for spectators who came early to get seats with a good view of the parade, the pre-parade segment has become an integral part of the parade. It features choirs, school bands, precision marching, skydiving and other light-hearted performances.

Song: This is Home
The parade proper includes (1) the fly-past of jets, (2) mobile column of military vehicles and (3) marching groups from the armed forces, police, schools and other organisations.

The show segment features mass displays of dancing and gymnastics by community groups and schools. The anticipated highlight is the fireworks display. The entire parade ends with every spectator and participant singing familiar patriotic songs composed specifically for the National Day Parades over the years, mass pledge taking and the singing of the National Anthem.