Kim Tian Green
Artist's Impression of Kim Tian Green

Master Bathroom

Mirror & Wall Cabinets: Matching mirror and wall cabinets in a romantic & traditional style (Flaren series) provides ample storage for my wife's toiletries.

Wash-basin Base Cabinet: A black brown (Freden) cabinet fits nicely under the vanity top wash basin and provides storage for detergents and cleaners. Its adjustable plastic feet reduce irregularities of the floor and protect its wood from wet flooring.

Bathroom Set consisting of a milky acrylic hand-lotion pump, toothbrush holder and soap dish

Shower Curtain: Made from 100% polyester and printed with green leaves against a white background

Laundry Bin: This is from my previous apartment.

Lighting: Cool white lighting from a ceiling-mounted light and warm white lighting from a concealed T5 fluorescent tube above the mirror cabinet

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