Kim Tian Green
Artist's Impression of Kim Tian Green


Shoes for Daily Use: These are simply placed on the floor; next to the main door.

Lighting: LED lights

Wood-carved Storyboard: In 1985, I led 11 undergrads on a month-long mission trip to Palau, some 1500 miles southeast of the Philippines. The Palauans are both good storytellers and skilful woodcarvers and the telling stories through woodcarvings is a natural extension.

This wooden storyboard was a gift from a Palauan Christian. It is in the shape of a turtle and the legend of the breadfruit tree is carved onto its shell.

Breadfruit Tree Legend: There lived an old woman who had no relatives of her own to provide her needs. She begged for food from the villagers. One morning, she woke up to find a sprout growing in her yard. Many months passed and the tree grew. It bore green and round fruit and she called it breadfruit. She was happy because now she would not have to worry where to get her food.

The villagers were jealous and came to chop off the branches. The old woman cried, asking the men not to do it. But the men went on cutting all of the branches. Subsequently, a miracle happened. It was high tide, and suddenly she saw some fish leaping out of the broken part of the tree. When the villagers found out about the fish, the wicked ones started to cut down the tree. But the other villagers came and killed all these wicked ones.

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